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How to make a Mass Effect N7 Armor

I have been asked this question a lot so I decided to go ahead and answer it. I DID NOT come up with how to make it, I got the idea from other brilliant prop makers who came before me and did this long before I did.

1.EvilFX: Website
He documented his build and he even takes commissions

2.Volpin Props: Website
He has a section on his N7 build and many rifles including the M-8

3. Narayas: Website
He has instruction somewhere on a file share with patterns...awesome person..(can't find direct link at moment but google you will find)

4. AxiomUltra Design: Website
The man works wonder..I am envious of his build..that armor is sweet and super detailed. Look in he posted up a thread ab his build with pepakura blueprints.

Tools/supplies I used

1. X-acto knife
2. 100 X-acto knife blades
3. cutting mat
4. heat gun
5. hot glue gun
6. hot glue sticks
7. EVA foam (buy mats off amazon or ebay)
8. 1/4 closed cell foam (google it, see what ships cheapest to you)
9. proxxon rotary tool (any rotary tool will do)

Now Narayas has the patterns somewhere out there....hmm well those did not work for me, I made my own because I am weird that way, I don't work well with other people's pattern. Buy extra are going to mess up and need it, I messed up many a square of happens. OMG best part full body armor and no molds!!! Well except one for the boobies, check out EvilFx female armor build, he will show you his set up, I made a similar one for my lovely boobies.


Ok we painted ours and its not impossible however you will not have that awesome finish like I do on my Claymore armor, impossible with this kind of material.

Happy armor making, if after you have checked out my senpai above and still have questions, shoot but these guys came before me so check them out...let me know how your builds turn out.
Read above..thanks
Celyddon Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm actually starting to work with Pepakura now. It's MUCH easier if the patterns are already out there--unfolding them from scratch takes a very, very long time. Thanks for posting these links! I'll study them after work tonight.
evilfirekitty Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist forever have my love.
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